How to draw the picture of VKontakte

How to draw the picture of VKontakte

The website VKontakte offers the users for more various communication service of drawing of pictures (graffiti) on a wall of the friends. Except drawings, on a wall it is possible to leave original inscriptions also.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - registration on the website of VKontakte.


1. Visit the page on the website of VKontakte using the address of the mail and the password. To the left of your avatar the list of options is located. Select among them the option "My Friends" (the second in the list) and click it, having clicked once with the left mouse button. To you the list of your friends will open. Scrolling the scroll wheel or having typed in the search box a name of the person, find the friend to whom you want to leave the picture on a wall. Visit its page, having clicked once with the left mouse button its avatar or by name.

2. Having appeared on the page of the user, find its wall, having scrolled a mouse wheel down. Find the column "Write the Message." on a wall. Click it. The column will extend, and on the right below from it click the attach button with the left mouse button. Select the modes "Another...", and then "Graffiti" from the offered options. The Your Graffiti on a Wall (Name) window in which you need to create the drawing opened.

3. You can draw or on a white background, or having filled in with its color. For this purpose in the bottom of the screen find the Thickness and Intensity engine. Set both values on a maximum. Then select color, having clicked a small triangle over a color square. Driving a mouse with the pressed left button on the screen, fill the field with right color. Further set the required brush thickness by means of the Thickness engine and begin to execute the drawing. You can also increase the field of the drawing for convenience. For this purpose on the right find the option "Increase" in the top part of the screen and click it. It will allow you to create more exact drawing.

4. Begin the drawing either with an outline, or with the main color spots. Gradually accurately fill out the picture. If you made a mistake, then can cancel the last step, having clicked in the top part the screen at the left "Cancel". If for any reason the drawing is not pleasant to you, then you can delete and begin to draw it again, having clicked "Clean" at the same time.

5. When the drawing is ready, click in the bottom of the Send screen. Your drawing will appear on a wall where it can be browsed. Then again click "Send" and the picture created by you will appear on a wall of your friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team