How to earn from an online game

How to earn from an online game

The popularity online of games caused by an opportunity to compete with living players constantly grows. More and more game products are issued, following the concept, or are processed under the concept of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). Annually in online the players spend hundreds of millions dollars for games. Respectively, a game can and earn on online.

It is required to you

  • - accounts in the systems of electronic payments;
  • - connection to the Internet;


1. Think over ways and schemes of earnings at the selected online game. Ways strongly depend on type of a game and game mechanics, but the basic principles are identical everywhere. In the majority of online games there is a system of development of characters or fighting units. Also often characteristics of the character or a unit depend on its equipment (any objects). Development of characters and production of objects requires a lot of time. Therefore there are categories of the players ready to pay real money for fast receiving the developed characters and game values. Therefore an earnings basis at the online games, as a rule, is: - development (pumping) of characters and units for their subsequent sale;
- development of foreign characters and units by a game for them in absence of the owner;
- development of foreign characters by their inclusion in the structure of group of the high-level characters with the subsequent game for them;
- obtaining a large number of game currency and valuable objects during the long game with the subsequent their sale. Pick up the suitable way or ways which are most corresponding to your opportunities.

2. Carry out all necessary preparations for implementation of the planned ways of earnings. Register accounts on the selected servers of online games, create and pump over the necessary characters or units, get the necessary equipment and objects. Register accounts in the systems of electronic payments.

3. Run for search of buyers of your services. Read game forums, investigate social networks to reveal large communities of players of the selected online game. Make them offers. Contact the famous players of that server on which game accounts were created. Suggest them to look for to you clients for a certain percent from the made transactions.

4. Earn from an online game. Provide to the clients necessary services. Sell game values, pump over and sell characters, carry out paid pumping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team