How to earn from sale of links

How to earn from sale of links

It is possible to earn from sale of links as in a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet – RuNet, and in the foreign sector of a virtual web. However both in that and in other case for earnings on links it is necessary to create a resource, attractive to buyers of links.

It is required to you

  • The website corresponding to criteria:
  • TIC (thematic index of citing) of more than 10
  • PR (Page Rank or indicator of accounting of external references to a resource) of more than 0
  • Minimum quantity of outgoing links from the website
  • Indexation not less than 90% of pages of a resource
  • Age of the website of half a year
  • Paid hosting of the website and domain of the second level


1. It is possible to earn from sale of links by three in different ways. It is sale of links in articles; sale of links in on point duty, short reviews or images and sale of directly links.

2. Today most of owners of the websites prefer to use an effective and safe method of earnings on links in articles. Using this method, the owner of a resource posts on the website article offered by the client with two-three links which are organically entered in a context. In some cases, the client suggests the webmaster to write independently article, having complemented it with necessary links. Technologies of sale of links in articles practice for earnings and website promotion such services of monetization as: Miralinks, Liex, Seozavr, Earnings on placement of links in articles allow "kill two hares" at the same time – to receive article on the website and at the same time also to earn from it. To begin to earn from links in articles, it is necessary to undergo registration and moderation for compliance to requirements of a system in the specified services. The most rigid moderation in the Miralinks system – accept only qualitative, well issued and with a large amount of qualitative content the websites.

3. Earnings on the references placed with images in short reviews or two-three offers (point-policemen) are in the second place on the security level in relation to the donor website of links. Such type of sale of links practices in systems Blogun, Seozavr, Gogetlinks, Rotapost, As a rule, in these services it is necessary for registration and moderation that the website was well indexed by search engines and had TIC> 10 and PR> 0. The only exception is the Gogetlinks system showing to the websites – to sellers of links much more strict requirements.

4. Sale of directly links is the most mass today, but also the most risky type of earnings. The fact is that sale of links from a resource "is punished" by search engines therefore the donor website rather often later after the beginning of sale disappears several months from the index of search engines, getting to the ban. Respectively, losing a possibility of earnings on links. However, despite everything, purchase of links rather actively practices for increase in ranging of the website and building of TIC. The largest exchanges of sale and purchase of links are: To a sap, LinkFid, Meynlink, Setlink, and Seozavr.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team