How to earn from the website Miralinks?

How to earn from the website Miralinks?

Miralinks is the exchange of articles for advance. Profit directly depends on quality and quantity of your websites. However most of all income is brought by the projects created specially under this exchange.

In the beginning register in the project. For this purpose you need to pass to the homepage of Miralinks, to select the corresponding item in the menu and to fill out data. You should not specify not real information, otherwise you can just not receive the earned money. Attentively look through rules of a resource not to make mistakes which can lead to blocking. For example, it is impossible to remove the placed articles.

You can use already available website or create new.

Available resources


Not all projects will be suitable for this exchange. First, the large role is played by technical performances, such as tITs and PR of a resource. If they are equal to zero, easily can reject your project. Secondly, attendance also matters. Even if reference weight at the website is small, but the number of daily visitors are more than one hundred, then can accept it.


The websites of commercial subjects make for much more profit.

Add the site. To you will suggest to fill out certain points. Try not to ignore any window as it can influence the choice of advertisers. Specify statistics honestly. Maybe it happens so that the web master will want to check truthfulness and if finds deception, will file a complaint about you to administration of the project, and it threatens with the ban.

After the website is approved, you need to expose the prices and to wait for applications. However it is better to send them independently. Browse the websites which need to place article with the link and select suitable. It is desirable to send applications in those projects where it is required to write article independently. So you will be able to get additional profit.

Creation of a new resource

To receive an ideal resource for Miralinks, it needs to be created from scratch. First, it is better to take at once the domain which already has tITs and PR. Their cost not much more differs from zero analogs, but time is saved significantly. On average, for obtaining 10 tITs points and 1 PR point it is necessary to develop half a year a resource.

Fill the website with articles ground under search queries. Optimum length is 2-3 thousand characters. It will make your resource more organic for Miralinks as advertizing materials will strongly not differ from other content. Especially you will be able to increase not bad attendance and to gain additional income from advertizing.

For increase in tITs it is better to buy links from the websites of similar subject.

Constantly buy in addition runs or new links. Remember that the more there will be your reference weight, the more money you will be able to receive. Work on quality of placement. Try to execute everything as fast as possible. For the best effect, you can even stimulate indexation of the placed articles by means of twitter accounts or the web master's panel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team