How to earn money on own website

How to earn money on own website

The purposes of creation of own website can be different. It is possible to share knowledge, abilities with its help, to communicate with adherents. In addition the resource allows to earn money floating around the Internet.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet connection.


1. If your website young and "crude", you do not hurry to convert its traffic into money. First, it is almost impossible to make it. At the new website, as a rule, small attendance and low indexes of citing. Secondly, the strengthened advance of not untwisted resource can do much harm to it – robots of search engines will ban it (from English "ban" – the ban).

2. When your resource gains popularity among a large number of subscribers and readers, begin to monetize it. Ways of receiving money by means of own website exists a little.

3. Connect contextual advertizing if parameters of your resource correspond to conditions of provision of services of similar service. For example, install advertizing blocks with the declarations corresponding to subject of the website from Yandex.Direct, Google AdSense, the Runner. For this purpose insert the code of the block on the page, and suitable declarations will be selected service automatically.

4. Place banners on pages. These raznorazmerny images take away the visitors who clicked on them on the advertized resource. Payment goes for the number of clicks on a banner or the term of its placement on your website.

5. Install teasers on the website. Teaser is transferred from English "a teaser, a zavlekalka". These pictures comprise reticence, a riddle, thereby urging to click them. The service of tizerny advertizing pays each unique clicking.

6. Post links on the website and sell them.

7. Look for advertisers. Contact the specialized services providing such services. Or contact directly the advertiser, having placed the offer of these services and the declaration of providing the spaces on own website.

8. Participate in partner programs. Pick up the partner suitable to subject of your website. Or independently, or through intermediary service. Place the affiliate link or a banner on a resource. If your visitor passes to the partner's website, you receive the stipulated sum.

9. Expand possibilities of own website, having attached to it online store. Own it is not obligatory to open if, of course, there is no desire to sell the things made with own hands. Install "counter" by means of scripts which provide some the existing online stores long ago.

10. Be engaged in sale of information products – books, video lessons, multimedia courses. For example, write the lesson on that subject which perfectly you own, and sell it via the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team