How to earn on the Internet from files

How to earn on the Internet from files

Various file hosting services offer the users not only to store or transfer files, but also to earn in public which download them. However it is not necessary to hope for fast and big earnings. Before starting the business project, attentively study conditions of cooperation with the specific file hosting service.


1. Register on several file hosting services. Links to the most popular are specified under article. Attentively study conditions of cooperation with each website: for example, perhaps, you receive the first earnings only for thousand downloading. Provide how many links you should leave that the file was found by one thousand people! Separately note a file storage life on the website. After it you should load the file again and to update links.

2. Analyze requirements of most of users. Only those files which are necessary will help to earn from file hosting services. As a rule, it is programs, applications, plug-ins, sometimes books. The range of software and literature should be very wide: the range is wider, the it is simpler to please the potential finder.

3. Download files to all file hosting services on which registered. Save all links. Make doubles: if one website is unavailable, users can download files from another.

4. Place references where they will be useful. It is not enough chances that on the website of Physics and Technology faculty there will be a fan of the ballet who will want to download the encyclopedia "History of Classical Dance". Be conformed with needs of inhabitants of any given website and a forum. Offer them what can really help them.

5. Show patience. Constantly update information on files, load new. Inform potential clients on new receipts and old stocks. And the main thing – do not perceive file hosting services as the main source of income, especially first. Profit on them will be too small and changeable that to hope for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team