How to earn on the Internet from games

How to earn on the Internet from games

There are hundreds of ways of real earnings on the Internet on online games. But, unfortunately (or fortunately, solve), not all of them are available and ordinary for beginners and the majority of games are doubtful. Sometimes organizers demand rather big initial contribution, and it instantly pushes away and inspires mistrust, all of us want to earn without loss and attachments.


1. In the twenty first century games which are called MMORPG – multiplayer games are most popular. These are semi-strategic games where it is possible to develop the empire indefinitely, this category includes also war games, etc. In such games there is virtual money – currencies. Respectively for this money it is possible to improve the character, buying by him valuable objects. It increases interest in a game, adding it functionality.
The easiest way of monetization of a game – development of own character, and after sale of the hero. It is one of the methods which are the most used, checked and really bringing income.

2. The dearest character is a character who can be carried to the high level and who has a large amount of useful properties. Such hero can cost about several thousand dollars. All know to develop the hero to such parameters a lot of work, desire and time is required. Therefore it is much easier to buy already ready.

3. Other option is to sell a game. As a rule, developers spread the available demoversion in network. Its purpose is to carry away the user and to force to acquire the full version of the program, is limited to a demo on time.

4. Developers of multilevel online create also certain clubs of gamers for membership in which the payment is raised. Membership in club gives some privileges in comparison with other players: there is an opportunity to get "protection", weapon, game hints and so forth. All this "drips" in a moneybox of creators.

5. Network games are first of all the working websites. Therefore creators have a possibility of collateral earnings on advertizing and banner clicks, the accompanying content and contextual advertizing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team