How to earn on the Internet without creation of the website

How to earn on the Internet without creation of the website

The opinion that for earnings on the Internet it is obligatory to have the website or the blog, is wrong. There are ways of online earnings allowing to do without it. But they are not passive, that is to earn thus, you should create continuously.


1. If you are able to make coherent texts, you in the best way suit work at the so-called exchanges of content. Do not spend time for reading reviews of such resources where it is told "On the website And at me nothing turned out, but on the website of B everything went like clockwork at once". Perhaps, you will find withdrawal of the opposite contents in other forum. It is connected with the fact that all authors have different styles, and the one who did not take root at one exchange of content will take root on another. Define on what of them you will fall to the place, it is possible only by practical consideration. Just register on several websites at once, try to work a little on each of them. On what resource your works will often approve, that also is intended for you.

2. By drawing up texts do not allow plagiarism. Even if the task is designated as rewriting (from English rewrite - retelling), express all ideas introduced in the original, only own words. If plagiarism nevertheless is allowed, the customer will find it by means of the special program, and you will just spend in vain time. However, it will be much better than if the work stolen by you appears on someone's website, and you will be condemned.

3. Attentively read requirements imposed to work. At some exchanges of content they are specified in comments on a task, on others there is the general set of such rules by which it is necessary to be guided when performing any tasks. If it is required to pick up the image to the text, look through requirements imposed to its quality. The image which you use should extend according to the free license, but not on everyone, and on such which does not demand to extend result of modification on the terms of the same license and also allows not to enter the name of the author. On the picture there have to be no explaining inscriptions. It is the best of all to use free image banks for search of graphic files, but if there is no necessary picture there, also files with Wikimedia Commons - but not everyones, and only high-quality and released under the licenses ""Public domain"" and ""Creative Commons 0 Universal Public Domain Dedication"" will approach.

4. There will be creative net surfing and for those who are not strong in drawing up texts, but is able to photograph well. So-called microdrains - a kind of paid image banks where the fees are rather small are intended for such authors, but also requirements to quality of works are in proportion reduced. Consider that the more image size, the is more also the fee for it therefore the first earnings on a microdrain will be expedient to be spent for the camera with a matrix of higher resolution. Learn what works of subject on this resource buy most often, and further take generally such pictures. As well as at the exchange of content, on a microdrain it is necessary to observe strictly requirements imposed to works and not to allow plagiarism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team