How to earn popularity

How to earn popularity

The reference popularity of your website is an indicator of success and demand. That the popularity of a resource was high, it is optional to invest huge money in its advance and promotion. Try to earn popularity by own efforts.


1. Learn what place is taken by your web resource in the rating of search engines on the Internet. For this purpose enter the name of the company or the website in a search string of the browser (Google, Yandex, etc.). Investigate situations of the similar websites. Study resources of competitors which are on the first lines in the rating of search engines. Look in what view they provide services and goods, what design and service of service. Learn what services they apply to untwisting of a resource. Now make the list of cases on optimization of your web portal.

2. Pay a maximum of attention to site content. Servers on search encourage the resources containing qualitative information, but not at all colourful graphics. Texts on the website should contain those keywords which clients will enter into search to find your resource.

3. Pay attention to headings of pages. To upgrade their rating in search engines, words in heading should be attractive to clients. For example, your company makes a ceramic tile, porcelain and faience products. It will be better to place such phrases in a title: "Faience: ceramic tile, porcelain and faience", etc.

4. Find the most popular resources with high rating and sign the contract with their administration on exchange of banners and links. Place advertizing in bulletin boards. Use redirectny references which are placed on the most visited web portals similar on subject with your resource. They yield big result. After all done work check as far as the Internet resource rose in rating.

5. Again enter keywords and the name of your company, and you will see how the website earned popularity. If your rating holds the first places of searchers, then you will let know to business partners that your company is ready to business cooperation. It is not necessary to be fond of a large number of banners and links which you post on the website. They will not give desirable effect. Select only the most popular, it quite will be enough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team