How to earn WMR

How to earn WMR

For people whom the question interests how to earn WMR the electronic payment service provider WebMoney made the list of the websites certified by it which with guarantee pay money for the work done by you.

It is required to you

  • - WebMoney Keeper Classic program


1. Download the WebMoney Keeper Classic program at this link:

2. If you are not registered in the WebMoney system yet, make it on the official site of Otherwise, set WebMoney Keeper Classic on the computer and log in in it.

3. Further you need to find the My WebMoney tab and to pass on it. This tab is located under information on your personal data and balance.

4. Look for the paragraph "WebMoney it is possible to earn, receive on credit, to exchange …". Click on the word "earn".

5. On the opened page you will see a set of different options to earn WMR. In order that to you many offers were easier to orient, we will a little tell you about them.

6. Registration in the Megastok directory will be very interesting to owners of online stores which carry out sale of the goods and services through the Internet. After your Internet site is allowed in the directory, you will be able to accept Webmoney from your buyers, so, most likely, your profit will grow. Besides, inclusion of your shop in Megastok - a guarantee for your clients that you cooperate with Webmoney on a lawful basis.

7. Having clicked on the link "Earnings and Partner Programs", you will get to that part of the Megastoka directory where the sites allowing to earn without existence of own website or online store are provided. You can earn in network, creating new content or doing rewriting ( If you like to spend time on social networks, then can spend it with benefit and at the same time earn (for example,;, etc.). Also you can use numerous partner programs and, selling someone else's goods, to receive certain commission charges from sale. As an example you can look at the website

8. If you have skills and knowledge in computer graphics, design, programming, are able to print and look for quickly on the Internet necessary information, then click on a word with "freelancers" on the My WebMoney tab. Here you will find a huge number of the exchanges of freelance, for example, of;;;, etc.) you will also be able to be implemented the talents, without leaving the house.

9. Perhaps, you have a desire to do business together with WebMoney? Then you can open own exchange office and get the profit on the commissions for input-output of cash or for exchange of WebMoney for electronic money of other payment service providers. You can obtain detailed information here:

10. There is also an opportunity to earn from sale of WM maps, buying them at wholesale price and selling with the wrapping. Details can be recognized by this link:

11. You can earn WMR, having received the certificate of the logger and issuing personal certificates on the prices set by you. How to become the logger, read here:

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