How to edit automatic loading

How to edit automatic loading

After a number of time of active use of the computer it acquires the mass of additional useful or just entertaining programs. Very big share of these additions at installation adds itself to the list of programs which need to be loaded at start of a system. As a result OS acquires the different processes braking the performance as a tanker bottom seaweed and shells. The list of automatic loading needs periodic cleaning.


1. Management of the most part of configuration functions of the Windows operating system is taken out in the separate utility. Among these settings is also necessary to you for editing the list of automatic loading. The executable file of this utility is located at in a system folder of OS \WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\binaries. However to search and start it there is no need from there - simpler to use common dialog of start of programs. It means that the call of this dialog should become your first action - click the Start-up button and select the Execute item in the menu. And you can just click the keyboard shortcut WIN + R.

2. In the data entry field of a dialog gather (or copy from here and insert) the msconfig command. Then click the OK button or click the ENTER key. This action you also start the necessary utility.

3. In the opened window with the heading "Setup of a System" go to the Automatic loading tab. On it all programs activated in the course of start of the operating system and on the contrary everyone placed a checkbox are listed. By default all checkboxes are noted. You should remove a tag from that program which should be deleted from the list of automatic loading. There are also Include Everything and Disconnect Everything buttons here.

4. Having marked the list by means of checkboxes, record changes by clicking of the OK button. The operating system will show the message about what new settings will become effective only after reset and will suggest you to reboot at choice now, or to leave it before the following turning on of the computer. Select option which suits you more.

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