How to encrypt the message

How to encrypt the message

At communication on the Internet it is difficult to be sure that the conversation takes place without public eyes. Traffic can be intercepted in different ways therefore it is impossible to guarantee that the transmitted data will not get into strange hands. To secure correspondence, it is necessary to use encryption of messages.


1. It is possible to encrypt the message in different ways, beginning from the simplest and finishing with use of special cryptographic programs. Very old and checked option is encryption by means of the book, one of pages of which serves as a key. Interlocutors should have identical copies.

2. Let's say you should encrypt the word "winter". Open the page of the book which is in advance stipulated with the interlocutor and find on it the letter "z". Now count in what line it is and what is on the account. For example, it is the fifth line, in it required letter twenty seventh on the account. Means, the code of the first letter will be 5-27. In the same way, through a comma, digital values for other letters are substituted. To decrypt the message, your interlocutor should open the copy of the book on the necessary page and, using the number code, to find the necessary letters.

3. One of the easiest ways of encryption is shift of letters by places. This algorithm is not too steady therefore it should not be applied to encryption of important data. Its principle is simple: enter the text which is subject to encryption in horizontal lines of a matrix of 10 × 10 in size (is possible more) cages. Then rewrite it once again, but already in one line, at the same time take not horizontal lines, but vertical. Externally senseless text will turn out. For reading it should be entered in a matrix again.

4. The algorithm described above can be complicated if to number horizontal lines of a matrix any key – for example, 3-5-8-2-7-6-10-1-9-4. Enter vertical columns in a line as their numbering in a key and send it to the addressee. For reading of the message your interlocutor needs to know a key.

5. Modern supercomputers are capable to touch every second millions of combinations therefore to decrypt similar messages for them will not leave work. Reliably to protect correspondence, it is necessary to apply computer ways of encryption. For example, use the Steganos Security Suite program. It allows to encrypt files and correspondence, will help to delete data from the computer without a possibility of their recovery.

6. If you are disturbed by protection of your information, approach this question in a complex. For example, if you work with the Windows operating system, it will be more correct to pass to Linux. This OS provides incomparably more reliable storage of confidential data. If you are afraid of reading your correspondence, use a mail service of Gmail. Cipher especially important information – the probability that it will not get into strange hands, in this case will be very high.

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