How to encrypt traffic

How to encrypt traffic

Most the companies giving to the employees an opportunity of Internet access trace the sites which were visited by the worker during the day. For a shifrovika of traffic and maintaining anonymity at visit of websites you can use one of several easy ways.


1. First of all you can use service of anonymizers. The essence of its work is simple: web pages which you request pass through the proxy server where they are processed and after that are redirected on your computer. At the same time the address of the visited site is ciphered, in sight there is only an anonymizer address. Systematically changing anonymizers, you can infinitely carry out anonymous web surfing. Let's consider this way on the example of the anonymizer. Pass to the website address then enter the address of the website necessary to you in the respective field, select the proxy server and having put a tick on "Cipher the address", click "Pass". After that you will be able freely to move on the website, and for an input on other website reopen the anonymizer and repeat the operation stated above.

2. You can also use the Opera mini web browser. The specifics of operation of this browser are in what stranitsv which you request at first passes through the proxy server where information which is on it contracts and is redirected only after that on your computer. At the same time the address to which there is a website necessary to you is ciphered, and in logs there is only a visit of the website This option is also the best solution at web surfing via the gprs-modem as reduces page size to ten percent from initial, thereby saving load time and cost of traffic. Keep in mind that initially this browser intended for use on mobile phones therefore you will need the Java installation of the emulator.

3. You can also use services for compression of traffic. The principle of their work is similar to an anonymizer operation principle, the only distinction is that at transfer the data also contract. Keep in mind that use of this service can be both paid, and free. At free use you can face long waiting of loading of the website therefore if you want to encrypt traffic, and the last ways do not suit you, then you should use paid access.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team