How to enter a script

How to enter a script

Sometimes the script before execution will be transformed to the executable program - compiled". But more often the nonprofessional programmer should deal with scripts which remain the command set intended for execution by other program - "interpreter". These scripts should be entered at first in the editor, and then and into the executable program.


1. If you have no necessary script, but you are ready to create it, then to enter the code - speak "gather" more often - it is possible in any text editor. However it is much more convenient to use for this purpose specialized editors - a large number of additional functions which allow to create scripts much quicker and even with comfort is provided in them. The autocompletion mechanism in such applications for you finishes names of commands and functions, the option of syntax highlighting colors the typed code in beautiful and informative colors. The editor without your participation formats the most part of the entered code, tooltip balloons informs on what attributes are available for the tag typed at present. There is a weight more different useful, and for the beginning programmer even of the necessary options provided in specialized code editors, but which are absent in editors of the text. Therefore use for input of scripts, for example, of Adobe Dreamweaver, Zend Studio, Nusphere PhpED, etc.

2. Other tools are necessary if the script already exists and it should be entered into the working application. If the created script has to be entered, for example, into structure of the scripts servicing work of any web resource, the program for copying of files on the server can become the working tool. Use the ftp-client if there is an access to the website under this protocol. It is possible to find the program of this sort in the Internet, them exists much both in free option, and for money. Install, for example, FileZilla, SmartFTP, FlashFXP, etc. And if in your system the popular Total Commander file manager is already installed, use the ftp-client who is built in it.

3. Some scripts require combination of the steps described above - both to gather, and it is necessary to put into operation them in one application. For example, it belongs to the JavaScript-scripts or scripts which are built in web pages which are entered and executed in the console of computer games. In the second case start a game and at the right time call the console on the screen, having keyed assigned to this command - most often it is a tilde icon (~). In one of corners of the game field the separate window will appear and you can start input of a script. Pressing Enter usually leads to execution of the entered commands, but it is possible that in your game it becomes differently. It is possible to specify it in the description or in gaming community of this game on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team