How to enter e-mail the address

How to enter e-mail the address

The ability to use e-mail is almost equivalent to knowledge of the multiplication table today. Enter the e-mail address it is not represented difficult if you remember the main algorithm of this action.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access.


1. Start the mailbox. In order that to make it, it is necessary to know by what service it is serviced. The most popular are,,,, today. Just pay attention to that name which costs in your e-mail address after a character @ ("dog").

2. Find on the page of an entrance to your mailbox the field for introduction of the e-mail address. Most likely, the choice between two options of the program will be offered you: "Registration" and "Input". If you are already the registered user, you have a name of a mailbox and the password, click "Input". Enter a name of the mailbox into the first line, for example, of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Enter the password into the second line which usually is located below the first. If all data are entered correctly, before you the page with information on the number of the entering new messages, etc. will open.

3. If you want to write the e-mail, then, having entered the mailbox, select the option "Write the Letter". There will be a form which top lines will be to "Whom" and "Subject". You enter the e-mail address of the recipient into the first line. The address when sending the letter does not need to be written anywhere, it also will be so visible to the recipient.

4. Entering the e-mail address, you monitor that the keyboard layout was surely switched to the English. In the e-mail address spaces and signs of Cyrillics are not valid. Observe also top and lower registers of character input. Try not to make mistakes, be attentive.

5. Use services of storage of the e-mail addresses of your acquaintances. Similar options, as a rule, supplied any e-mail. And not to enter every time the e-mail address of the person to which you write the letter enter its once and select the option "Address book" to which add data of the addressee.

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