How to enter into Yandex.Money

How to enter into Yandex.Money

The increasing place in our life is taken by non-cash payments - it is both payment by cash cards, and electronic payments. Yandex purse is very convenient for this purpose. With its help you quickly pay purchase, make necessary payments, and at the same time you can save on the commission.


1. To open the account on Yandex.Money, you need to register the postal address on Yandex for this purpose use the link "get a mailbox". Then step by step follow recommendations, at the same time it is not obligatory to enter personal information (surname, the address).

2. Enter the mailbox, for this purpose click the link "Mail" or "Enter Mail" at the upper right on the page of Yandex. If you go on-line from the personal computer and are not afraid of foreign penetration - use a tick in a window "remember me", then the login and the password will be automatically entered. If you use the public computer, do not risk. Surely close the mailbox after complete the affairs. For this purpose in the upper right corner, near your e-mail address click "Leave" or "Output".

3. After you opened the mailbox, click the link "Money" in the top menu. Yandex will suggest you to open the account and to begin to use electronic money. You need to select suitable option and to follow step-by-step automatic instructions. Remember that the password from the e-wallet should not repeat the password from a mailbox!

4. Your e-wallet will be automatically tied to the postal address. If you leave from one personal computer, further you will not need to come into mail, it is enough to remember the payment password. You will be able to open the purse from any other computer through a mailbox. Many organizations suggest to pay bills through Yandex.Money today, i.e. you will only need to select the necessary line, to specify the sum and to enter the payment password.

5. You will be able to trace all operations of the purse by means of the link "History" at the left. Also all payments can be bound, i.e. you do not need to enter the second time manually phone numbers, bank details, etc. In turn, the e-wallet can be tied to the cash card - it is especially convenient for periodic obligatory payments (utilities, payment of cellular communication and the Internet, etc.)

6. When translating the large sums from one Yandex purse on another, use the code of a patronage - it will reduce risk of loss if you incorrectly specify number of account or a purse. The recipient will be able to withdraw money, only after enters the code reported by you. Otherwise, money will remain with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team