How to enter on mail in Rambler

How to enter on mail in Rambler

If you created the account in "Rambler-Pochte", you need to check existence of new letters sooner or later or to send to someone the message by e-mail. And for this purpose you will need to enter the mailbox. If you remember the login and the password, with  login you will have no problems. If you forgot the password, access to services of "Rambler" should be restored.


1. Enter on the homepage of "Rambler" or on the Rambler-Pochty homepage — for this purpose gather the URL address in an address bar of the browser. To fields of a form of an input conduct the login and the password. Select the domain on which you registered the mailbox in a drop-down list:,, , etc.

2. Select a checkbox in the line "Remember Me" if you enter mail from the computer, access to which nobody except you has. After that you will be able to get to the mailbox on "Rambler", passing the procedure of authorization. If you want to check mail from someone else's or public computer, it is better to deselect this checkbox.

3. Press the Enter Mail button. If you correctly entered the login and the password, you will get to the mailbox. If the system reports about an authorization error, repeat attempt once again. Check a domain name, keyboard layout and whether the CAPS LOCK key is clicked.

4. Restore access to the mailbox if you forgot the password set by you. For this purpose on the page of an input in "Rambler-Pochtu" click on the corresponding link.

5. Enter in the fields of a form the address of a box to which you restore access, and the test code – CAPTCHA. On the following page write the answer to a control question which you specified at registration of the account. If you answered a question correctly, the system will suggest you to set the new password for an input. Enter the new password, and then become authorized with it on the Rambler-Pochty homepage.

6. Install the Rambler-Assistent panel in the browser. For this purpose download the suitable version of the program from the page. At the time of writing of article – December, 2011 – there were versions of the assistant for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Restart the browser after the end of installation process.

7. Press on the Rambler-Assistent panel the Input button to become authorized in a system. Enter in the appeared window the login and the password from a box of "Rambler-Pochty". Do not forget to select the necessary domain. Press the OK button.

8. Press on the Rambler-Assistent panel the button with the drawn envelope – you will automatically get to the mailbox in the folder entering. If you click a triangle near an envelope, you will be able to pass to the page for sending letters or to the address book.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team