How to enter on the blocked website

How to enter on the blocked website

As the famous psychotherapist and the blogger Mark Sandomirsky claims, social networks for most of users is a form of national psychotherapy and a way of disposal of a stress. Therefore that many employees in working hours remove stress, visiting the sites Schoolmates or VKontakte, there is nothing surprising. As well as that system administrators so scrupulously close access both to them, and to instant messengers from working computers.


1. Access lock in the Internet is carried out through the ban of visit of the websites on certain ip, blocking of use of ports for information transfer and access restriction to some addresses. Most often in the organizations these filters are installed on the proxy server via which the Internet on all computers connected to network is distributed. Therefore the only thing that you can make to enter on the blocked website from the working computer is to check availability of use of the web anonymizer. For this purpose carry out search by request "anonymizer".

2. Select from the list of the found results that most of which of all was pleasant to you. Each anonymizer works as follows:
1) the user visits the anonymizer website;
2) in the special field of an address bar enters the desirable website;
3) the anonymizer loads the page, processes, and transfers to the user on behalf of the server.
Thus, having entered on the blocked website, in an address bar of the browser you will see the anonymizer address at the beginning. It will also mean that you can click the different links in the page, remaining the hidden anonymizer.

3. If at you at work programs of instant messages, for example, by ICQ and it similar programs are blocked, then you also need the anonymizer. Visit the main website of ICQ, having used the anonymizer, and follow the link "Web ICQ". Earlier this application was called ICQ2go. Thus, you will be able to enter into network and to communicate, without installing additional programs on the computer. The only thing what you should take care of is to find the objective reason of so frequent use of the web anonymizer in work when show you the next report on the used traffic in a month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team