"How to enter, the password if forgot it"

"How to enter, the password if forgot it"

For safety of personal data, whether it be social network, an online game or a box of e-mail, we often use difficult passwords which are simple for forgetting. For password recovery you can use several simple methods, depending on a type of service on which you are registered.


1. Social networks, online services, forums, torrents, online games, that is all services in which e-mail box is necessary for registration belong to the first category of services. In this case everything that it is necessary - it is to deploy a form of request of the password for the box specified at registration then you receive the password in the letter. In some cases password recovery by means of the mobile phone can be required. So, for example, on the website vkontakte.ru for password recovery you can request sending the test code for number attached to the account.

2. E-mail boxes belong to the second category. In this case you can face one of several options of password recovery: verification by means of the mobile phone, the answer to a confidential question, identification you as owner or sending the password for a spare mailbox.

3. For verification by means of the mobile phone it is necessary to request sending test characters for number which is attached to mail then to enter them in the respective field.

4. If you selected recovery by means of a confidential question, it will be required to enter the answer to the question specified at registration. After that it will be offered to you to enter the new password.

5. If you select sending the password for a spare box, then from you it will be required to copy the received password from the letter sent on the spare e-mail specified at registration from what password was lost.

6. Identification you as owner can be required if all above ways for any reasons do not suit you. Contact technical support of your e-mail server and provide them all data necessary for confirmation of your right of possession of e-mail box.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team