How to enter the password on a box

How to enter the password on a box

Many letters which come to e-mail are confidential. Such important information needs to be protected reliably. Different mail services are not tired to remind that for the purpose of safety and protection against cracking it is necessary to change passwords on e-mail at least once a week. To change the old password and to put new, it is necessary to perform a number of operations.


1. After registration of a mailbox the entrance to it is password-protected by unique. The mail service suggests you to select the login (name) of a mailbox and to enter the password. It is necessary to repeat it in line lower to make sure of the correct character set if it is entered in a random way. Without this procedure the registration of e-mail is impossible.

2. Start the browser on your computer. Open the page and enter the mailbox. Specify the login and the old password to put new on mail.

3. Open "Settings of mail". For this purpose press the Setup button in an inscription – the link which is located in the window upper right corner (this link is slightly below than the address of your mailbox).

4. The new window with the small menu will open. Select in it the section "Safety". He is responsible for safety of connection, confirmation of mobile phone number which you specified at registration of e-mail, and change of the old password.

5. Pass to the page of a security setting and select the Change of the Password item. To go to direct input of the new password follow the link "Change the Password" which is located in the middle of the offer. It is regularly recommended to change the password from e-mail for the purpose of safety.

6. In the opened window of change of the password enter in a top margin old by means of which you came into the mailbox, and specify the new password in a bottom margin, having confirmed it in a third gender (enter once again). Slightly below the picture with characters is located. To confirm operation on change of the password, in the special field enter characters which are specified on the picture. In the lower part of the screen press the button "Is ready" to complete this process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team