How to equip the website

How to equip the website

The modern website is not thought without interactive contents, means of personalisation, RSS and integration with social services any more. A set of convenient and useful functions allow resources to attract and hold users. Therefore each beginning web master asks a question of how to equip the website according to the latest trends in the field of web technologies.

It is required to you

  • - browser;
  • - connection to the Internet;
  • - access to the website CMS admin panel;
  • - perhaps, access to the website server on FTP.


1. Add a news feed on the website. Use possibilities of CMS, the addition module for CMS or a separate script. Publish the news concerning both the website, and events from the spheres of life thematically close to a resource.

2. Add a tape of the user comments on website materials. In the majority of CMS the present possibility or is built in a kernel, or there are corresponding modules and plug-ins. Include a possibility of commenting. It will allow to hold stronger audience and also will make content "alive" that will lead to its more frequent reindexation by search engines.

3. Create a forum on the website. Invite users to discuss materials and site news at a forum. The forum in itself can attract users from search engines that it is quite good to use for increase in attendance of the main resource. Therefore it is better to make a forum on a separate subdomain and to closely perelinkovat it with the main website.

4. Create the blog of the website. Today the blog of a resource - the frequent phenomenon. The blog can partially duplicate functionality of subsystems of the website (for example, a news feed with comments) therefore it is worth thinking over expediency of its use. However the blog, also as well as a forum, can structurally represent a separate resource and be a traffic source.

5. Add service of the user blogs on the website. If it becomes rather popular among users of a resource, you receive the additional volume of free content on the website. However the service of the user blogs, as well as any additional service, will require additional capacities of the server hardware.

6. Add the website with gallery of images. Give the chance to users of a resource to create the photo albums. Include a possibility of commenting of photo albums of users by other users. It will help to hold audience and will increase its loyalty.

7. Export RSS. Include export of news and announcements of materials of the website in the RSS format. Register RSS tapes of the website in RSS directories. It will help to attract additional traffic.

8. Provide ability to search by website materials. Add search forms on the website. Use own search engine (popular CMS usually have the corresponding module), or use services of search engines (search by the website from Yandex or Google).

9. Integrate the website with social services. Configure automatic placement of announcements of site news in Facebook, Twitter. Post on the website forms with buttons of popular social services.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team