How to evaluate the speed of the Internet

How to evaluate the speed of the Internet

Speed of the Internet is the most important characteristic of the channel. The speed, the quicker surfing is higher, the quicker there is a downloading of any files and data. The quality of stream video directly depends on the speed of the Internet. There are many ways by means of which it is possible to learn not only speed of the channel, but also to diagnose the reasons of sluggishness and transfer lag of data packets.


1. Just to test speed the Internet and to learn the actual speed of loading and an apload (sending) of files, it is possible to use world famous service SpeedTest. It differs from other resources in the fact that here it is possible to assign the destination as which any of the selected servers on the planet acts. For example, it is possible to learn how many the audio recording by the size, say, of 8 megabytes, from the server in California will be loaded. Following the results of the test results, a ping and the general assessment of speed against the background of other providers, both at the national level, and in universal scale will be displayed.

2. To measure connection with the specific set websites it is possible to use the InetBench program. When testing the speed of loading of graphics, music, sounds, video is considered. Other application, Internet Connection Benchmark, allows to measure speed at the time when the Internet is used. She can generate traffic and it is possible to set the website with which it is necessary to check connection. This utility differs from others in the fact that not only the maximum value, but also average values of work is given that allows to evaluate abilities of the channel more adequately.

3. If speed is lower, than officially specified by provider, then it is possible to use special online the Internet a M-lab package complete with which there are 4 utilities. The greatest attention the subprogramme of Network diagnostic tool as universal remedy of identification of the reason of too small speed deserves. After start of the test all parameters of the channel and the reason of a delay of packages will be specified.

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