How to expand memory

How to expand memory

To the computer only few years, still quite recently it vigorously worked with any started application, and now began to think, to issue the warning plates that it lacks memory demands to take some measures, and you cannot understand that it happens to the smart machine. Well not a sclerosis at it especially as on the old man the computer not really also pulls.


1. Definition "memory" in the computer world belongs to a concept random access memory – a part of the computer in which all necessary data for work of the started applications concentrate, the speed of operation of the machine depends on its size. Already very first computers were equipped quick or as she is called still the worker, memory. Now it is difficult to provide it, but 64 kilobyte (ponder, Kilobyte!!!) there was quite enough module not only for carrying out calculations, work with texts and tables, but also for toys of that time. Today's computers have parameters in hundreds, and at times and in thousands of times exceeding parameters of computers of last decades. But at the same time also requirements imposed to the equipment grow. Not the heaviest game can quite refuse be started on the computer equipped with memory gigabyte. If you want your computer to keep up to date, then you, most likely, want to expand his memory

2. For a start we will not climb in the machine and we will try to solve a problem by increase in virtual working storage of the computer. The right click of a mouse on an icon my computer we cause Viewing data on a system – a tab "In addition – High-speed performance – Parameters – and once again In addition. Having done this difficult path, you will be included in the section in which get virtual memory access. The swap file, and being virtual memory of the computer it is possible to increase to the size, to the equal amount of your working storage increased by coefficient 1.5. That is, if at you in the computer 512 MB of working storage are installed, then you expand with the swap file it on 768 MB. But this measure helps only partially, at times not to do without installation of additional memory modules and it is necessary to open the computer.

3. If you decided to buy in addition memory for the computer, then you should not run immediately in shop, like mad. For a start you need to learn what type of memory is maintained by your computer. The simple look in the machine will tell you whether the computer has free slots for additional modules, and reading the instruction to the motherboard will prompt how many memory it supports. But if you have a laptop, then the situation can be much more difficult. Open the laptop, without being a specialist, very much it is not recommended.

4. However, if all of you could find out and buy suitable modules, adding of memory will happen just in a few minutes. The new or additional module needs to be inserted into the suitable slot on the motherboard and to press down with gentle effort before the characteristic click published by latches on each side of the slot. The computer will recognize an add-in memory independently and from first seconds nachnetkorrektny work with it. Everything easy and simply. But it is possible to make upgrade of working storage only when you are absolutely sure of the forces, in an opposite case it is better to contact the specialist

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