How to fight against spam

How to fight against spam

If suddenly unclear messages from unknown users began to come to your mailbox, get rid of them, without deliberating. Most likely, it is spam - the peculiar garbage littering mail.


The users having e-mail quite often face such phenomenon as spam. This concept includes mailing of the various letters which do not have any relation to a kind of activity of the owner of e-mail. As a rule, such messages are addressed not to the specific person as it happens in business letters, they just come to e-mail which address you could enter on any website during registration earlier. Besides in similar letters it is often offered to grow rich or become the participant of one of pyramids quickly. In difference from business messages in spam letters there is a lot of text and the hidden links which are contained in it. The return address is specified in such messages very seldom.

For spammers the mailing of similar letters is profitable business. Some users respond to their appeal and spread money for the offered services or begin to continue its business. Otherwise spammers would be ruined long ago.


If you do not want to receive messages unnecessary you, try not to specify the e-mail address anywhere. Or enter nonexistent e-mail: quite often such way is one of correct. And if you suddenly appeared among the "lucky" who received "the letter of happiness" from the unknown user at once delete. Also try to respond to similar messages never. Then through certain time your address as invalid, will drop out of base of the spammer.

If all of you decided to get acquainted with the offer which arrived from the user unknown to you, attentively read its text: perhaps, in it there is any contact information of the spammer. Then contact the provider with the complaint about spam sending and specify any information about the spammer.

One of the most convenient ways of removal the Internet - "garbage" is available in each e-mail. Just mark the message unnecessary you as spam, and all letters sent from the specified address will be automatically located in the special folder with a mark "Spam". Besides the folder can be configured so that messages from it through certain time will be permanently deleted.

Pay attention that in a number of the majority spam messages is an opportunity to refuse a subscription to mailing. Click the link specified at the end of the text and pass according to it for shutdown of further mailings from the specified resource.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team