How to fill in a banner on the website

How to fill in a banner on the website

If you decided to promote seriously the website and want to earn from it as soon as possible, then not to do you without placement of advertizing banners. Besides, the multi-colored animated pictures – with advertizing or without – can just become one of jewelry.


1. Receive the existing HTML-code of a banner. If the banner is provided by the system of banner exchange or received by you through services of contextual advertizing, come into the account of the relevant service and generate the necessary code. A normal banner – the image which needs to be displayed on pages of the website is simple. And the HTML-code for its output will be, for example, <img src='URL_bannera'/> where URL_bannera is an Image URL value.

2. Visit the website in the administration mode. Select the place in a template where you would like to place a banner. At the same time do not forget to consider its sizes. Too wide banners can "stretch" other elements of the website to such an extent that it will be inconvenient to use. Its arrangement and contents should be more or less relevant to subject of the website. The banner in "cap" of the website will have CTR above, than same, but placed in one of side columns. But if at the same time your pages are devoted to computers, and the animated advertizing suggests visitors to learn all women's secrets for one click, then it can push away users.

3. Enter the CMS control panel, select the section "Editing Templates". Define what of them is required to you, and open it. You can load the necessary template of the website (or its parts) on FTP on a local disk, and then open it in the text editor.

4. Insert the HTML-code of a banner into the section of the page selected earlier. If for a banner the side menu was selected, copy a marking of a container of its element. After that insert the code of a banner. LI serves normal a container of an element of the menu (a list element).

5. Save the edited template. For this purpose just click in the control panel of the website "Update the File". There is also other option. You can save the text of a template on the computer, and then upload it to the site on FTP. Check whether the banner is correctly placed and as it changes arrangement at size variations of a window of the browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team