How to fill in the engine on the website

How to fill in the engine on the website

To start work of any website it is necessary to select the engine and to install it on a hosting. With the choice of the engine of problems never arises. For specific type of the websites there are solutions. It is just necessary to learn in what way to place the website on the server.


1. Load the file on a hosting directly from the page in the browser. For this purpose in the control panel of a hosting open the line "File manager", follow the link. In the opened window in which directories on a hosting are displayed pass into the "public HTML" folder and click "Load". On the screen the window where it is necessary to select the file for filling on a hosting will appear. Click "Begin to rock". So you will be able to load files without start of additional programs.

2. To load a large number of files, previously place directories or files in archives. There are hosters who support unpacking of archives practically of any formats (zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, rar). For this purpose on the computer create archive in one of formats. Load it into a necessary directory on a hosting one file. Here note it a checkbox and click the link "Extract", having selected previously for this purpose the folder. In such a way on a hosting it is possible to fill in the packed website engine entirely and to deploy it.

3. Use way for filling of the engine without archiving. For this purpose get access on FTP. Be connected to the hosting server by means of special programs of FTP clients or the Total Commander file manager. Parameters for connection are given at registration a hosting account. In the main menu click "Connect to the FTP server". On the screen to appear the list of available connections on FTP. Click the Add point, enter the FTP server address, the login and the password. Copy files in this window in the usual way. At the same time you can load files from a hosting back on the computer. It is possible to delete, rename files into Total Commander and to change their rights located on a hosting. Save all settings, and you will not need to come into the control panel every time any more to send new files.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team