How to fill out the blog

How to fill out the blog

Text information – the main form of content in the blog, the log or the diary. Depending on relevance of the placed articles the resource receives great or smaller popularity among users. For this reason when filling the blog of one interesting subject it is not enough.


1. A blog subject – not an exclusive, but important condition of success of the blog. First of all it should be interesting to you. At the same time you should not be a specialist in the selected area, it is enough have even superficial data – during work on the blog your knowledge will extend.

2. Do not follow advice which is often given to the beginning writers: "Write about what you know". Write about about what would like to read. In particular, such form is valid: you had a question concerning the sphere of the blog. You found several possible answers on it even if contradictory. Describe all found points of view, comment. Note merits and demerits of each version, select that that it was pleasant to you.

3. Content of the blog should be unique. Filling "kopipasty" - the copied and inserted information – will not result you in success as search robots will quickly find the original and will not index your records. You make at least little changes. Replace words and expressions, interchange the position, substitute synonyms. Retell the text of source codes own words. At the same time it is possible to leave quotes, making out them special HTML tags.

4. You monitor the general literacy of the text. You do not hurry to send article to the publication if you doubt any words and expressions, surely consult with someone from acquaintances. Contact several beta readers who will criticize your materials before you publish them.

5. If, despite competent friends and beta readers, you doubt the literacy and sense of style, contact the specialist copywriter. Now their work is demanded, and the cost of services depends on volume and complexity of work. Places of search are rather numerous: it and the exchanges of copywriting (Textsale, Advego, etc.), and the websites devoted to freelance (,,, etc.), and personal blogs and the websites of copywriters. By your order the performer will write material of any volume and on any subject to the stipulated terms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team