How to fill out the password

How to fill out the password

Passed times when it was possible to manage one password from the only mailbox. More and more websites use registration forms which you need to fill to get full access to website resources. How to fill out the password it is easy and correct?


1. Follow rules of filling of the password field. At the majority of the websites of the requirement are identical, you need to pay attention to the following:
- Filling language. Latin is most often used.
- Register. Trace that CapsLock was switched off.
- Additional characters. Do not use them at all. Standard character set – letters and digits, it is quite enough.

2. If the field recognizes capital and capital characters, use this function - it will raise degree of reliability of your password. Quantity of characters – too reliability factor. Do not use less than six characters, you monitor hints of a form of filling of the password. The recommended reliability degree – ""high"".

3. Take yourself for the rule to fill out passwords only with Latin, then you will have no confusion with switching of languages. Besides Latin as it was already told, is most often used when filling the password field.

4. If need to fill out the password arises often, adopt special services – password managers. Their great variety – from plug-ins for browsers, to separate programs. The password manager will help you to fill out passwords, generating them in an unlimited number. You will only need to approve the offered option. Besides, you will be able to confirm the password with one key press. Along with password generation, these managers will autocomplete the password fields at repeated visit of the websites (from yours, certainly, consent). The simplest of them are built already in the known browsers and notify you: "save the password for this website?". You need to select "save", or "not save", or "never to save passwords". All these services significantly facilitate life, allow to log in instantly to your accounts on the favourite websites.

5. More difficult password managers – special programs which in addition to password generation, cipher them and save in the storage selected by you. Your computer (hard drive), the removable medium, or virtual storage can act as storage. Use password managers, then you will need to remember only one password (make it the most reliable) – from your manager. The program will fill and remember all other passwords, it will save your time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team