How to fill the website with content

How to fill the website with content

Opening of own news website or the blog is not something difficult in terms of its programming and placement on the server - today there is a set of the websites providing simple tools for this purpose. Much more efforts need to be spent to fill this website with unique content.


1. One of the most natural ways filling of the website is an autographic daily writing of a large number of small articles. For the purpose of indexation of the website on search servers, this way is pretty good since information will be constantly updated. However during creation, for example the news website, the estimated volume of articles, will hardly be sufficient and will interest readers.

2. It is possible to try to write independently a set of big articles on different subjects. Benefits are obvious here, but the volume of the made work will be very big, to that is for daily writing articles on new subjects it is necessary to possess a broad outlook and to be able to state clearly and accurately the thoughts. It is possible to write of course on several articles in a week and to spread them on 1 - 2 in day, but this way will be suitable rather for already untwisted and known website which is filled with only very interesting and useful information.

3. If to write most there is no opportunity, then it is possible to employ the person from outside – the rewriter or the copywriter. In this case all work on filling of articles as information lays down on their shoulders, search of interesting subjects, writing of unique articles or rewriting of ready works will be their work. Of you payment of their work is required, and it in most cases means that the website created by you will make profit.

4. At last, it is possible to refuse from writing articles at all. It is possible to contact one of the existing exchanges of ready content and to buy there articles on interesting topics. This way will be suitable, for example for bloggers who buy ready articles cheaper, and then sell links to them in own blog. At the exchanges of articles, it is also possible to order rewriting of any work. As a rule, on such sites, work of rewriters costs much below, than at the address to the individual.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team