How to find classmates

How to find classmates

After the termination of the university of path of the former classmates disperse, and sometimes so that they appear even on different continents. To find each other, it is possible to use already become usual and common means – the Internet.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access.


1. Among rather big the number of social networks which visitors daily find each other in different corners of the planet should be selected one, aimed for finding those with whom you once sat at a university table – It is possible to register in it, being in any country, and then with its help to find friends.

2. One more option more popular with representatives of the younger generation – This portal for the last few years grew to the wide area network covering many countries of Europe. Enter data of classmates whom you look for into the Search menu, and the system will provide you various questionnaires of users of the website with similar data.

3. As the searcher it is possible to use the website also. This portal gained popularity thanks to a possibility of registration of free mailboxes. During creation of mail to you immediately suggest to find the friends. Work with the website to the novice user of the Internet rather difficult as at the portal there are too much additional functions confusing.

4. Besides, you can try to find the former classmates by means of the popular program "Wait for Me". For a long time on the Internet the website of this telecast through which daily passes up to 300 users of a global web works. This portal is located at the address Having undergone simple registration, fill a profile, and then the application in which it is necessary to specify whom exactly you look for. Employees of the program will contact you as soon as search is crowned with success.

5. On all above-stated websites (except you can develop the profiles, add the photo and also video and an audio recording. With their help you can not only find classmates, but also get new acquaintances, create groups on interests and also get acquainted with the last multimedia new products.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team