How to find free games for girls

How to find free games for girls

Game is not just entertainment for the child, but also a way of socialization in society and also a primerivaniye on itself a gender role. It is natural that games for girls and boys differ. Thanks to a game the little girl is going to be mother and the hostess, learns to put on beautifully, receives necessary skills to grow the womanly young lady.

It is required to you

  • - Internet;
  • - registration on the torrrent-tracker;
  • - utorrent;
  • - paper.


1. Certainly, money superfluous never happens therefore there is no sense to buy for the girl of a game when they can be got free of charge. If you want to find a computer game, make the corresponding request in search engine. The system will give you a set of the websites with games. Your daughter will be able to care for own electronic pet, to become the owner of cafe or even to go to a date. Read downloading conditions, user feedback on the website and if downloading is free, safely click "Download".

2. Torrents – popular storage of various information where it is possible to find practically everything: from film new products to the textbook on cybernetics. To download a free game for the daughter, you need to register on the website and also to install on the computer a torrent client (for example, utorrent). Hammer your request into the search string, read the description of a game and if it was pleasant to you, download a torrent file. After that open it in the client, and downloading will begin.

3. Perhaps, you remember children's logs with model and dresses for it. Girls cut them, dressed the favourites and drove them on a visit to each other. Such logs are on sale and now, but it is possible and not to spend money. Draw or find in the Internet a beautiful doll for the child with smart clothes. Print on a color printer and cut model and its things. If you want the toy to serve longer, paste a doll on dense cardboard. Such game will develop sense of beauty at your daughter, and at more adult age will help it to combine successfully objects already of the clothes.

4. Downloading the daughter interesting computer games, you remember that you should not charge education of the child to the computer. Children up to six years should carry out the monitor no more than half an hour in day, in seven-eight years the kid can spend hour behind a game, and by ten years the recommended time reaches one and a half hours. During the game you monitor the girl's bearing - she should not stoop. Whenever possible buy the computer glasses protecting eyes. In search of free games for the child, do not forget about active games in the fresh air. An elastic, classics – similar games develop dexterity and plasticity in the girl, train coordination of movements, and is absolutely free.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team