How to find in the Internet of friends

How to find in the Internet of friends

Long ago there passed those times when the concept "acquaintance on the Internet" was surprising. Today the Internet became the place where it is possible to find friends on interests, communication with which can be taken out bravely for a virtual framework. On the Internet there is a set of places where it is possible to find new friends and if on social networks "Odnoklassniki" and "Moy mir" of the offer on friendship not always cause unambiguous reaction, then on Livejournal blogging platform the new acquaintances are only welcomed.

It is required to you

  • the blog in ""LiveJournal"


1. If you decided to look for friends in LiveJournal, you should create to yourself the personal blog and to begin to write regularly in it. The subject of the blog can be any or in general be absent. At the beginning it is necessary to be more or less original to draw attention to itself. Carefully fill the profile – in it your future friends by all means will glance, and what they will see there, can be defining for your relations. Same belongs and to entries in your blog – make several interesting posts and you pass to search of friends. It is possible to find friends in LJ differently, and to use all means better at once.

2. Way first. Join thematic communities, and then time in several days place short posts with the invitation in the blog there. Do not forget also to read posts of other participants of communities and to add them as a friend. Regularly read fresh records of your friends and leave comments on their records. Through short time from several dozen added friends you will be able to select for yourself "soulmates".

3. Way second. Leaving comments on records of your friends, read also other comments and if they seem to you interesting, and to you will be what to tell – add to them the comments. Often, interesting correspondence in comments on records of someone else's log becomes the beginning of new LJ friendship.

4. Way third. Having filled out the section "Interests" in the profile, you will see how after saving, each separate "interest" will take a form of the active link. Click on it, and you will get on the page of a peculiar statistics which will show you LJ users with similar interest as their activity. If you specified rather unique "interest", for example, "sit on the edge of a roof stirring legs", and there were people who are fond of the same, then in most cases, they will reciprocate to you on the offer on friendship.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team