How to find music in the Internet

How to find music in the Internet

If you heard any tune on radio or on the Internet, but do not know how it is called, you can always try to find this song. For this purpose use search engines, bases of audiofiles or programs which will help you to recognize the necessary track.


1. For search of a tune pass to any resource which supports base of the different songs presented for acquaintance. If you know the performer of music, enter his name in a search string of a resource and click Enter. Among the received results listen to songs and find that which you looked for, and then if necessary make its loading.

2. If neither the name of composition, nor the performer are unknown to you, try to use search by words. Remember a phrase or several words from a song, and after that enter request on the page of the searcher. Specifying a phrase, do not forget to put quotes that the system looked for this words sequence. For example, if in the song the phrase "sounded do not leave, I will forgive all" search the request will look as follows: """do not leave, I will forgive all"" to find the song".

3. To look for the song by single words, use the search operator of AND or &. So, if you look for the song where there were words "wait", "trust", "do not leave", "I forgive", then search the request will look as follows: "Wait for AND to trust AND ""do not leave"" I forgive to AND".

4. If the necessary tune does not manage to be found all the same, use the utility for recognition of music. Among the most popular programs It should be noted Tunatic or Sound Hound. You can also make recognition of a tune by means of the Shazam utility for cell phones and tablets. Download and install the necessary program, after that connect the microphone to the computer and click "Start". Bring a sound source to the microphone and take it several seconds that the program could recognize a tune. After that among the results displayed in a window of the program select your tune.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team