How to find the file in depositfiles

How to find the file in depositfiles

Depositfiles – one of the most visited free file hosting services. The service observes full anonymity therefore on it there is no search engine. When loading the file the user receives the link to downloading of which he can dispose at discretion: send to friends, post on the website, insert into a forum or the blog. Thus, search of the file in Depositfiles comes down to search of these links.


1. Ask friends or acquaintances who place content on file exchange service, to send you links to downloading. It is easiest and safe way to find the file in Depositfiles. As information source is known to you, it is possible to be sure that the link not beaten, the term of its action did not expire and it conducts to that file which is necessary to you. The link should look so:хххххххххх, where "x" – a combination from nine Arab digits and letters of the latin alphabet.

2. To download the file, click the link or enter it into an address bar of the browser.

3. Use one of external search engines of links Depositfiles – Rapidlibrary, Sharedigger, Filestube, etc. These are third-party engines which have not a direct bearing on file exchange service Depositfiles. Enter a file name or a part of a name into a search string. If the searcher offers search by several file hosting services, select from the Depositfiles list. As additional options some services allow to select type or filename extension, and search results can be sorted by relevance, popularity, date of loading and file size.

4. Try to look for links to files of Depositfiles on numerous entertainment portals which offer free downloading of music, video clips, movies, e-books, computer programs and other content, often even without registration. Many users place references to downloading on these resources. They are popular and often visited, and Depositfiles, as well as some other file hosting services, pays money for each downloading of the loaded file. This way – the most unsafe of three. When clicking the link the probability to get not on the page of loading of the file, and on a third-party site is high. For example, it can appear a resource with paid content, the pornwebsite or the website menacing to safety of the computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team