How to find the file on

How to find the file on is a place where you can store the files, create the websites. Besides, you can post all information on the websites free of charge. Create such portal not so difficult. Even the novice user will be able to carry out this operation, however it is necessary to follow certain rules.

It is required to you

  • Personal computer, Internet, browser


1. To work at service, get to yourself a mailbox on It will take you several minutes. Then come into the Yandex search engine. At the top of the page you will see the list of subheadings. Come on "People". Before you page website will open. Find the My Files button. Click it. Before you the list of the loaded files will open. Select that which is necessary and work with it. To upload the file on народ.ру, it is necessary to find it. Click "Load" for this purpose. Before you the window with files will open. Select that which is necessary to you, and key "Is ready".

2. If you had a desire to share the file with other users, open the mailbox on Then come into the section "Народ.яндекс.ру". Click "You Share Files". Enter the login and the password. Then press the Input button. You got on the народ.ру page. Press the Browse button. The window with your files will open. Select one which you wish to send, and click "Open". The server will be loaded several seconds. Then as a result the page with the link to your file will open that is where it is stored. Copy path to it (link). Send it to any user irrespective of where he is. For this purpose come into the mailbox, select the addressee and insert the link. The user, having received your link, will open it and will load to itself on the computer the sent file, previously having saved it. It is possible to send at once several files. Better for this purpose previously to archive them. The size can be any too.

3. It is similarly possible to load files for creation of the personal website. All loaded files will be stored on the website народ.ру for several months. You will be able to browse them if necessary or to send others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team