How to find the login and the password

How to find the login and the password

In order that it is easy and convenient to travel around open spaces of network, any user of the personal computer should get the e-mail address. The e-mail address is used for reception of letters: from friends, from relatives, from acquaintances, the letter from users of forums or just people who want to get acquainted with you. Search of the suitable login and password becomes the only problem in this case.

It is required to you

  • Pick up the login and the password.


1. Some specialists make recommendations about an institution of the e-mail address which say that it is desirable for to get several e-mails (e-mail). Why quite so? It can be explained with that who exactly writes you on a certain box. For example, one box for friends and relatives, another for work, the third for registration on different social networks and thematic forums.

2. When choosing the login, for your new e-mail, it is worth paying attention to its sounding. Than your login will be simpler and more original, to you it will be simpler to that to remember it. Most of users give preferences to the year of birth, attributing it at the end of the login. For example, pravda72 or false84. Someone selects the login from the words connected with some event, a holiday, favorite band, darling. Variations can be much. At present logins become longer, than it was a few years ago. Because the number of users every day increases. It is extremely important to save the login and the password in the reliable place, and it is the best of all to write on paper.

3. When choosing the password be attentive. The password needs to be made as follows:
- content is not less than 6-8 characters;
- maintenance of a wide range of signs (Latin, digits, punctuation marks);
- the contents of the password should not match the login;
- the password should not display someone's date of birth, any name and other shirokoizvestny names (it is the simplest to crack e-mail with such password).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team