"How to find the login if you know the password"

"How to find the login if you know the password"

The login is a name under which the user is registered on the website. There are such situations when the login is forgotten or lost, and the password remains. In this case it is possible to use different receptions of an input on the website.


1. If at you it is impossible to come into the mail.ru mailbox because you forgot the login which, by the way, is also your postal address, pay attention to a small icon of the question mark close to fields for data entry in a main window of an email client. Having brought to it a mouse, you will see the tooltip balloon "Help". Follow this link. Before you the new window will open: "Mail – frequent questions and problems". In the list of different possible problems select "I do not remember a mailbox name. What should I do?" and further follow the given algorithm.

2. Consider that it is impossible to rename the mailbox, it is only possible to delete old and to get new.

3. Contact acquaintances and friends with whom you corresponded if you forgot the login (e-mail address) of the e-mail of any mail service. At them your correspondence with a source address for certain was saved.

4. If you forgot the login for an entrance to social network "Odnoklassniki", click the option "Forgot the Password or the Login?" on the page of an input. Before you the following page under the name "Restoring access" will open. Here you should enter the e-mail address or the phone number in the offered field and also to enter the characters represented on the picture for check of whether you are a spammer.

5. Then select a way of recovery of the login from offered: by the phone number in a sms or via e-mail. Having carried out the choice, wait 3-5 minutes during which to you the access code necessary for recovery of the login should come.

6. If at you it did not turn out to recover the password, contact support, the link to which is located on the same page, as for restoring access.

7. If you forgot the login for an entrance to any other social network or on any forum, act by the above principle: contact support of data of communities or look for an option for data recovery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team