How to find the person by means of the Internet

How to find the person by means of the Internet

How often people, having lost touch with each other for any of several reasons, wish to resume communication again. But they have no coordinates of each other - even the e-mail addresses. The problem will be solved by the special websites intended for search of people.


1. Never give in on offers to find the person at once in all social networks, having paid service by means of the SMS. Using similar services, all of you equally do not obtain more information on the person, than by its independent search. The cost of service can exceed the sum which you pay in a month for Internet access.

2. If you are registered on any given social network, but find in it the person necessary to you cannot, do not despair. It is quite possible that he is simply registered not in this, and in other network. Register in as it is possible the bigger number of such networks, and carry out search in each of them.

3. Just enter a surname, a name and a middle name of the person into the search engine, and it is better in several such systems. It is quite possible that you will find at once the page where its e-mail address is specified. Also you, perhaps, will find data on its any publications, at least small. In the editorial office or publishing house you will be told willingly its phone, previously having contacted it and having asked permission.

4. Also search of the person is possible in the indirect way. For this purpose, if the one whom you look for did not leave about himself in the Internet any marks, find, for example, in the same social networks of other people who, in your opinion, can be familiar with it. Perhaps, these people will tell you coordinates for communication with it.

5. If it was not succeeded to find the person any of the specified ways, use the official site of the telecast "Wait for Me". In the beginning visit the following page:

Having filled a form, learn whether this person looks for you. If it turns out that it not so, pass to other page:

Register on the website then attentively fill all fields of very large form. Do not regret time for input of all necessary information as the chance to find the person will increase many times over.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team