How to find the person in Skype

How to find the person in Skype

- Hi! Long ago did not see. As it would be exciting to phone. Find me in Skype. Let's chat, be at one and we will meet.
- Great, how many years passed!
The similar dialog happened to every second of us in recent years. But how to find the person familiar to you in mysterious Skype?


1. Skype is the program providing by means of sound or video conference communication with friends, colleagues, relatives and even with strangers. Having visited the website of developers of the program, you will be able to download the installation program file free of charge. Installation of Skype is simple and available - it is only worth following the hints arising on the screen. Registration does not represent anything difficult too. The regular user himself without effort is capable to master registration procedure.

2. Find the person in Skype - as easy as shelling pears. For a start study the interface of the program. At the very bottom of the contact list it is easily possible to notice the Add Contact button. When clicking this button the blue window with a search form which will help you to find the person necessary to you comes out.

3. It is possible to look for the person by means of this form in several parameters such as e-mail, phone number, name and surname or login in Skype. Usually the people wishing to contact you by means of this program allow you to make it by means of other offered fields.

4. If the person is registered in the program and left in it the data, search will occupy him less than a minute. After you add it to the list of the contacts, he will surely receive about it the notification. And as the nobility, can already tonight there will be a meeting which could hardly happen, you have no Skype.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team