How to find the person of VKontakte

How to find the person of VKontakte

Social networks were strongly included into life of the Russian users therefore rather often there is a need to find the person of VKontakte – the social network, most popular in Russia. At the same time sometimes it is even optional to be registered on this website.


1. You can find the person of VKontakte without registration in this social network. Just try to enter a name and a surname of the person in one of Internet search engines. Probability that in results you will see the link to the page of the identity of VKontakte interesting you is high. Having clicked it, you will be able already to find the necessary information on the user. To receive more exact results and not to face namesakes, specify also other data on the person known to you in search time, for example, the city in which he lives. Nevertheless, users of the website can hide the data from search networks by means of special settings.

2. If at you it did not turn out to find the person of VKontakte via search engines, visit the website of social network and undergo fast registration in a system, being guided by hints on the screen. Click the search string in the top part of the website and enter a name and a surname of the necessary person. Having received search results, go to the People tab. If it was not succeeded to find the necessary person at once, in the right part of the screen add additional parameters for search: a floor, the country, the city, age, the place of work or study if they are known to you, etc. It will report you more exact results. You can also get acquainted with search results on other tabs as the user interesting you could post any news, video or other information with the indication of a name and surname.

3. Try to find the person of VKontakte through your mutual friends and friends. Perhaps, it registered not under the name and a surname, however you can quite find it according to photos and other records. Try to write also to your mutual friends, take an interest whether they know how to contact the personality interesting you. Think in what groups and communities of this social network the person interesting you can consist, and try to find it among subscribers.

4. If you want to receive the link to the page of the person who made against you any illegal actions, for example, wrote offensive messages, tried to take control of your property, etc., try to discover his personality, having contacted administration of a resource. For this purpose use a feedback form in the lower part of the website, having specified the access reasons. After a while you receive the response to your access from technical support.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team