How to find the person online

How to find the person online

Often people lose touch with each other. Perhaps, it happens because of different disagreements between relatives, friends, beloved. At the same time you have no contacts to renew the relations. In such situation it is possible to find for the person by means of the Internet.


1. Visit the VKontakte website at the link Click on the Search point which is above the page. Select searching category "People". Write a surname and a name of the person to the search string. The system will give you some web pages.

2. Enter the country and the place of residence in which the required person is registered in the filter. If you have still some information, then carry out the analysis repeatedly to reduce number of the found options. If you communicate on other social network and it is impossible to find in it the necessary user, then do not despair. Perhaps, that he just visits not this, and other website.

3. Use other web resources by means of which it is possible to find the person on the Internet. These are such websites as "Schoolmates" -, "My world" -, "Meeting place" -, "It's a small world" - and others. If you want to find the colleague, then use the websites: "Soldier" -, "Colleagues" -, "Brother-soldiers" -

4. Pay attention to a resource of the popular television program "Wait for Me". It is located at the address Register on this website. On it you fill a certain form, leave information on the required person. Write the contacts that the administration could contact you by successful search.

5. Make request in any search engine (, in the form of a surname and a name searched. It is quite possible that you will find the web page where there is an address of an e-mail or number ICQ. Also data on its some articles, publications can be published in blogs, at least small.

6. If you did not find in the Internet about the person any information, then take an interest about it on social networks at other users. It can be familiar some of them with a required subject. Perhaps these people will tell you some contacts for communication with it.

7. Enter on a city forum in which wanted lives. Create a subject with a request to users to help you searching.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team