How to fly in robloks mad city

How to fly in robloks mad city

It is very convenient to reduce distance in mad city, moving by air. Moving on machines, at the player too much time and forces leaves. Learn how to begin to fly!


It is necessary to go to base of criminals to take the gun. Take ak-47, some shot-gun and a gun. In the future they will be necessary for opening of the lock.

Having obtained a necessary fighting arsenal, go to night club. Its icon is shown in pink color. You will also find a subject which will allow to fly in this building.

It is a little poryskav on night club, on the second floor you will find the DJ's rack, there will be 4 rectangles with the flowers which are accidentally generated on them. Your task will be to remember these 4 colors one after another from left to right.

Behind this rack there is a door with the burning spark. Having passed in it, get on a rope into an opening in a wall on top. Be careful, there where you already passed there is a number of defensors, such as laser bands and laser circles everywhere. It is necessary to be extremely accurate and to pass through all this.

Be run on this floor, it is necessary to find the box similar to the automatic machine with sparkling water. On it there is a set of small rectangles of different color. Here also colors which you remembered will be useful.

Your task to get any of oruzhiya and to strike with aim fire each of flowers in that order what you saw from below at the DJ's rack. If all of you made correctly, the terminal will light up in green color.

Further find a ladder which conducts on the top floors. Having passed through it, find for two chairs and a table about a wall. In a wall there has to be a square opening. Approach it and hold button E on the English keyboard layout. After that, if everything is right, the confidential card which will give access to a reactive satchel will be received!

Reactive satchel at the airport

Now path lies in the airport, but to get to it by the car too long so it is desirable to make it, using other transport. The helicopter is attached on the auto-parking near the mooring at water. A reference point is the diamond icon nearby.

The airport it will be visible from air at once, its distinctive feature are series of bright blue high towers and buildings. Come into the low house surrounded with palm trees. Opposite to an input a large number of the thrown suitcases lies, at will you can search them all and earn a little money!

To the right of an input door look for a confidential door which opens only by means of a card which you already got. Approach it and hold button E to use in advance prepared card for designated purpose. The door will open and to a look the reactive satchel which with ease it is possible to take and fly on the city so much how many it is necessary for you will appear.

The flying transport

On it it would be possible to finish. But there is a small counter by means of which not only your hero, but also its car will be able to fly.

Create, or find to yourself the machine. Approach it closer, click two times a space to fly up on a reactive satchel. Accurately, slowly, fly up to the machine, to a driver's door. You need to seize the moment and to click E to take the wheel. If everything is made correctly, you became the driver of the first flying machine in Mad city!

So, you found confidential "super-dzhetpak" in "роблокс" about which existence only the few players know. Not only found and you use, but also improved it in the flying car. Now you should not reach since one end of the city on another, moving on the ground!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team