How to fly on a drenor 7.2

How to fly on a drenor 7.2

Drenor is a new zone in online to the game "World of Warcraft". Represented the huge planet, it was not destroyed during invasion of forces of ""alliance"" yet. It is possible to get to it only on achievement of the 90th level by the character.

Flight in ""drenor"" is available since addition of ""Battle for Azeroth"". That to activate it, it is necessary to satisfy several conditions:

  • Open all locations in this zone
  • Find at least 100 treasures
  • Pass all branch of the main quests
  • Perform tasks for receiving ""apeksitovy crystals"
  • Increase reputation level with new fractions

Zone locations

In total in ""drenor"" there are 6 locations available for a research. Each of them can study at the same time several characters created on one account. However any of these characters should have at least the 90th level, and the full research requires level 100. List of locations:

  • Spine of the Ice Dragon
  • Gorgrond
  • Peaks of Arak
  • Valley of the Illusive Moon
  • Talador
  • Nagrand


For flight opening the player should receive achievement ""the masterful treasures hunter"". That to execute it, it is necessary to collect 100 treasures for the version of game 6.2 or above. In early versions this achievement can be received if to collect only 50 treasures. In new locations 200 hidden objects are available for collecting. They are selected only once for each character. Besides, other players cannot take them even if they are at you in group. It is also necessary to consider that the objects found in a location ""the Tanaansky jungle"" are not taken into the account of achievement.


After full passing of a plot of addition to the player in shop to become available the subject ""treasure map"". It is useful only if not all secrets are found in a zone. This card shows arrangement of all valuable objects in Drenor. The price in shop is 100 g, but it can also be received for execution of a task from garrison.

Tasks from garrison

For receiving all ""apeksitovy crystals"" it is necessary to perform 12 tasks of garrison. They are given only to characters of the 100th level above. It is also necessary to increase the level of garrison to the 2nd and to construct in it improvement ""a table of the commander"". Tasks are performed only by one character.

Every day at choice the garrison provides two quests. Each of them demands from the player of murder of a large number of enemies with level 100 in a certain zone. Progress of a task will not be set off if in group more than 5 people consist.

Fractions of a zone

In Drenor there are 4 fractions, but for opening of flight it is necessary to raise reputation only for three of them. To increase the level of the relations it is necessary to perform daily tasks or to kill monsters. For opening of flight it is necessary to receive 21000 points of reputation at each of the following fractions:

  • Award Wakened
  • Sablerony-lovtsy
  • The Prophet's hand (for players of ""alliance"")
  • Headhunters of Vol'gin (for players from ""horde"")

After for each of them the status ""respect"" is received, in all locations of a zone it will be possible to fly. Repeatedly it is not required to receive achievement for other characters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team