How to force Landing Page to sell

How to force Landing Page to sell

Landing Page is a selling page. Its main objective – sale of the offered goods or service. How to force "landing page" to sell?

Pledge of the successful selling page – concentration of attention on the desirable purpose.

"Landing page" is followed by either an entry form, or the order button. If the necessary button is pressed or the entry form is filled, so the objective of landing is achieved. Such form or the button should is in a visible place and to draw attention of users.

It is interesting that when reading the page of the website, the look of the user is involuntarily turned on the upper left corner. Consider it during creation of the selling page.

If the button of the order or an entry form is absent on landing, then in that case specify data for communication: phone number, e-mail, address or other contact information. Then target action is commission of a call or the letter from the client.

Much attention should be paid to heading. The heading should sell and motivate to action:

- order right now;

- be the first;

- download free of charge, etc.

As a rule, headings of landings begin with a verb in an imperative mood and can be complemented with adverbs which enhance effect of need to make the offered action right now. The heading should be located in a visible place, at the top of the page.

Structure advantages, benefits and properties of goods. The buyer always looks for benefit from the transaction. Accurately formulate those benefits which will be received by the client at purchase of your service or goods. Place benefits and advantages in separate blocks or in the form of the marked or enumerated lists.

Do not overload landing with information and pictures. Two-three pictures are quite enough. At the same time not superfluous will be to place pictures of the offered goods or positive emotions of people who bought these goods or used service.

Create trust to the offered goods or service. Place on landing of an award, certificates, compliance of GOST, age of the company, the famous partners. Place only reliable information and as icons, but not just transfers by the text.

Cause feeling of deficiency of goods or service in visitors. Place the timer which limits action commission time. It is the checked and working way. It is possible to use phrases:

- available there were only N commodity units;

- the offer works to (date);

- the quantity of goods is limited.

Create an action. Clients like to buy goods with benefit, on stocks and discounts. Thus the client receives benefit, and the seller of clients.

Here simple councils for creation "landing page". These rules will force the selling page to perform the basic functions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team