How to force Yandex to index the website

How to force Yandex to index the website

That people visited your website, they need to give an opportunity to make it. Most correct – to allow potential visitors to learn about your resource through search engines, for example, Yandex. But that your website appeared in delivery, it is necessary that the searcher indexed your website. How to induce him it to do?

It is required to you

  • - the connected Internet;
  • - browser;
  • - website.


1. For a start add the website to Yandex. It is possible to make it on this page. Search the robot and itself finds over time the websites, but it can occur not soon. There is an opinion that the website which Yandex found itself takes the best positions. But it is incorrect: there is a mass of much more important indicators. Therefore as soon as you decide that your website is ready for the phenomenon to the world, add it to Yandex.

2. That your pages were as above in delivery of search results is possible, they should have certain "weight". It is defined by the number of links to this page of the website. First, make relinking – add references to the new page from old pages of the website. By the way, that initially your website was indexed completely, take care of that the searcher could follow absolutely on all pages the links. Secondly, place the reference to the website in directories. There will be enough several large and reliable directories. Buy links on other websites – in thematic articles. All these operations will allow to index your website quicker.

3. Consider that separate pages of the website get to search not at once. The more links to them, the quicker it will occur. But that on some key request to make the way at least in top-20 Yandex, place article in advance that the searcher managed to index it. To accelerate this process, add the reference to the new page of the website in social networks or services of social bookmarks. But do not make to the website too many references for a short period: it can be regarded as search spam.

4. If your website long does not appear in Yandex, perhaps, it did not pass or got under the filter. Make sure that your website rather useful and qualitative then contact support desk of Yandex ( where will explain you the reasons of lack of a resource in results of delivery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team