How to gather many likes

How to gather many likes

"Likes" represent positive estimates of publications and expressions of users on social networks. It is some kind of indicator of respect in which any given person is held among people around. That the quantity of likes at your messages considerably increased, it is necessary to work in a special way.


1. Begin to publish interesting and up-to-date information on the page. Try that your posts were original, do not copy them from pages of other users and communities. Think what of your thoughts, recent events and other things could interest friends and visitors of your page.

2. Increase the list of your friends. It is heavy to gain a large number of likes if in your contact list only couple of dozen people. Remember with whom else you communicated lately with whom you study or you work. Also study lists of friends at your contacts. It is quite possible that you will manage to add mutual friends.

3. Make sure that in settings it is specified that your records are available for reading not only to friends, but also all users of social network. It considerably will increase chances of their success and popularity, and the quantity of your likes will grow considerably.

4. Update information on the page as often as possible, it is better daily. If you add interesting entries, but will do it seldom, hardly other users will subscribe to your page and the quantity of likes also small will monitor news, respectively.

5. Publish records and photos not only on the page, but also in different thematic publics and groups. Gradually users will begin to pay attention to your page and will read your records to a thicket, leaving on them positive marks. Especially noticeable effect gives placement by users of your records on the pages.

6. Ask for the help in special communities which members suggest "like" records in exchange different services. Most often you will need to evaluate their publications also. Of course, it is not the most honest way to strengthen reputation, but in the beginning it can really help out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team