How to get a job in minecraft?

How to get a job in minecraft?

Many skilled "" maynkrafter"", having accumulated certain experience in a favourite game, often come to understanding that most of all are drawn towards a specific occupation there. For example, they prefer hunting for different mob to production of game resources or on the contrary. In that case they should seizing the opportunity offered by many Minecraft servers - to get a job there.

The general principles of how to find a job in minecraft

Any player will be able easily to learn the list of those types of professional activity in which he - at the corresponding desire - will be engaged in a favourite game. For this purpose it first of all should include a chat and to click T.V letter for a call of the list of available vacancies it is necessary to enter such command: / jobs browse. Quickly there will be a list from nearly two dozen different professions.

At the beginning it is difficult to understand what is represented itself by each such work. Especially as many of them are very similar among themselves. Therefore before than to agree to specific specialization, to the player will not prevent to study all them.


For this purpose it is necessary to enter into a chat of command/jobs info, and through a space to specify the necessary specialty. You should not agree to the first occupation. It is better to consider all which attract interest. So the gamer knows about tasks by any given profession and monetary bonuses from their execution better.

The material reward for work will increase in process of transition of the gamer to higher level of skill. There will be it owing to accumulation of a certain play experience.

After a choice is made, the player needs to write to a chat of command/jobs join and the name of work. The selected vacancy is selected in a chat with red. It is at the same time possible to take no more than four specialties.

Work for getters and destroyers

Those to whom on heart main types of classes of any ""maynkrafter"": production of valuable resources and fight against spiteful monsters - can begin to perform similar work already for a material reward. However, here the main emphasis will be placed on destruction of different blocks or game beings.

The real warrior who is liking to battle fearlessly against different monsters and having for this purpose a complete set of excellent armor for certain will want to assume a role of Soldier. To such worker the cash bonus for each killed hostile and some neutral mob will be charged. Such analog of the representative of the MFA saving neighborhoods from dangerous characters.

Absolutely other tasks at Digger. It should ""battle"" only a shovel and only against different blocks. It will be necessary to dig over to it the earth, a mycelium, sand, gravel, Sand of Souls, a grass, clay.

Functions of Miner are very similar. He will earn bonuses, destroying a stone and valuable ores - lazurite, an infernal stone, redstone, iron, etc. Will pay behind this, of course, not as in Lukoil for oil production, but it is quite tolerable for the gamer.

Getters of food and culinary specialists

The players who more are drawn towards various ""peaceful"" classes and preferring pastime in kitchen, on a kitchen garden or with a rod, for certain will select a bit different professions. Such group of specialties is connected with receiving valuable resources from flora and fauna.

For example, Woodsman it will be necessary to trade in cultivation of saplings, and after transformation them in trees to cut down from them wood and foliage; To Fisherman, as well as the profession assumes him, it is necessary to earn money with a catch.

Functions of the Farmer (Farmer) are a little more extensive. To it is intended to cultivate different agrarian cultures and ornamental plants. Flowers, mushrooms, Infernal Outgrowths, watermelons, pumpkin and also killing of cows, sheep, hens, pigs - all this its parafiya.

A little more creative work at Baker. To it it is necessary not only to create the most plain culinary ingredients (like sugar), but also to kraftit from them difficulties of a dish, different on level.

When the gamer understands that a certain profession bothered him with order, or he for other reason will wish to leave it, it is easy to leave from it. It is only necessary to write to a chat of command/jobs leave, and a trace the name of specialty.


Real magicians

Though in a game dreams to feel that who always dreamed to become a wizard and therefore in this role, at choice five vacancies connected with sorcery and change of properties of different objects are offered. All these professions are very similar between themselves.

For example, Enchanter, Theurgist and Conjurer will have to captivate various things. At the same time the first of them will specialize only in weapon, the second - in armor, and the third - in tools.

Tasks at Alchemist and Brewer are also very similar. Both of them earn by a korpeniye over chemical vessels and creation of a product, very valuable to execution of different game tasks, - potions. At the same time at Brewer narrower specialization - it is engaged in the attacking magic drinks.

Their ancestral lands - a krafting and construction

Other five professions from seventeen available in Minecraft are connected with creation of different objects and also a construction and upclassing of buildings. Those players to whom similar most of all to liking, for certain will become interested in such vacancies.

For example, there are three similar specialties - Weaponsmith, Armorer and Toolmaker. The first two - smiths, but one of them will have to kraftit and repair weapon, and another - armor. Toolmaker duties are not connected with a smithy - it makes and repairs only tools.

Builder it is necessary to be engaged for a certain reward in installation of different blocks of which various buildings consist. Carpenter will improve them, creating for them different decorative objects: ladders, fences, push plates, etc.

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