How to get a mailbox on Yandex

How to get a mailbox on Yandex

Yandex.Mail is one of Yandex services. Among advantages of this mail system the developers call protection against viruses, spam, an opportunity to independently select the box address, availability of convenient mobile version.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access


1. Visit the website

2. In the left part of the screen find the reference with the inscription "Get a Mailbox". Click it.

3. In the opened window to you will suggest to enter the name and a surname, and below – the login which will become your login in all services of Yandex. After filling of the Name and Surname points the system will automatically offer you the versions of the login generated proceeding from the entered name and surnames. You can select one of them, or write own option.
Remember that the login should consist of Latin characters, digits, an unary hyphen or a point, to begin with a letter and to come to an end with a letter or digit and to contain no more than 30 characters.
If the login selected by you is already registered on Yandex, the system will report about it to you. In this case it will be required to enter other option.

4. Press the button "Further". In the opened window to you will suggest to enter the password. It should be from 6 to 20 characters long. In order that the password was reliable, developers recommend to use lowercase and uppercase letters, digits, punctuation elements from the -!@#$%^&* list ()+_. The password should not match the login, but should be easily remembered.
When entering of the password by you the system will evaluate degree of its complexity and to signal you about it.

When the password is selected, in a window confirm it below.

5. In the following window select a confidential question, and then the answer to it. The question should be such, the answer to which is known only by you, or a limited circle of people. The confidential question can be useful if you will forget the password.

6. Also Yandex suggests you to specify the address of other e-mail and the phone number. It can be useful at password recovery, but it is optional to specify them.

7. In the lowermost window you need to enter the characters represented on the picture to the left of it (if in the browser the possibility of viewing images is disconnected, include it).

8. Check below, confirming that you agree with conditions of terms of service. Click "Register".

9. If you specified the e-mail at registration, the letter containing the reference for confirmation will come to it. Pass on it to complete registration.

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