How to get rid of a banner

How to get rid of a banner

The virus banner of information character is rather harmless, but very unpleasant program. It does not do harm to the operating system, but blocks access to many applications. To block an informer, it is necessary to know a right algorithm of actions.

It is required to you

  • Internet access. Dr. Web CureIt.


1. At once It should be noted that information banners are divided into two types: some appear only after start of the operating system, and others – when opening the browser. Let's begin with blocking of a banner of the second type.

2. The easiest way is to delete completely that browser in which the informer appears. In this case you risk loss of all cookies and bookmarks. If such option does not suit you, then open settings of the browser. Find the Superstructures or Plug-ins menu. Delete all applications which were installed not by you.

3. If it is about the Opera browser, then you need to delete several files manually. Open the Program Files/Opera/program/plugins directory. In it there have to be two files with the dll extension: npwmsdrm.dll and npdsplay.dll. If you found other files of such expansion, then delete them.

4. Now glance in papku/Documents and Settings/" an account name" / Application Data/Opera/Opera\profile. Delete all files with the js extension, except browser.js.

5. Now we will consider a situation of emergence of a banner directly on a desktop. Open any working browser and pass to the website Find the Dr.Web CureIt program on this page and download it. Install the utility.

6. Scan it the section of a local disk on which Windows is installed. If the program will find virus files – delete them and reboot.

7. If the above method did not work, then delete harmful files independently. Open System32 folder located in the Windows directory. Find all files which name terminates on lib.dll and delete them.

8. Download the CCLeaner program and install it. After application launch activate the analysis of files of the register. Click "Correct" after completion of scanning. Reboot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team