How to get rid of a banner on a computer

How to get rid of a banner on a computer

Recently more and more users face such problem as emergence on a desktop of the computer of an advertizing banner. It is quite difficult to delete it, and his developers to unblock the PC, suggest to send the paid SMS message to the short number. It is not necessary to do it.


1. At first come into the main menu of the operating system "Start-up, then into "Control panel" and open the section under the name "Installation and Removal of Programs". Check the opened list for existence of some suspicious programs which are not installed by you. Often banners block completely a computer desktop for this reason start the PC in the safe mode. If you found a suspicious component, delete it at once.

2. If the advertizing banner is in the Internet Explorer browser, it is possible to delete it, having opened the menu under the name "Service" and having passed into the section "Setup", then into the subsection "Management of Superstructures". Delete all elements in the opened window. Usually all banners are placed in this menu for this reason after you reboot the browser, all advertizing should disappear.

3. The easiest way of the guaranteed disposal of all banners – installation of the free Dr. Web Curelt antivirus software. It is possible to download it from the official website to the address This program intends for scanning of your PC, detection, and then and elimination of malicious applications. Still the utility allows to unblock access to popular resources, for example, to social networks VKontakte or "Schoolmates". Do not install the Dr. Web Curelt program. It is enough to start scanning of a system. As a result you should get rid of the advertizing banners which are strongly preventing work at the computer.

4. Also there is an alternative program under the name Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool which is located at and is developed by Kaspersky Lab. This antiviral program is simpler and convenient in application, than previous. It contains anti-virus bases which are regularly updated and find even new viruses and malicious software including banners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team